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"Many writers and thinkers have tried to define Freemasonry but it really defeats definition. It is too complex, too profound in conception, too easily expressed in words. Perhaps the simplest and best definition of all is the phrase ‘the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God.’ Our Masonic forefathers had an understanding of human needs and human aspirations. They may never have dreamed of the mindless computer which governs our lives, or the fission of matter which threatens our lives, but they understood human nature and what motivates the spirit of man. Thus from a simple process of using stone and mortar for building they progressed to the most important of life’s functions, the building of character.” – Louis L. Williams

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The General Mercer Lodge No. 548

Major-General Malcolm Smith MercerWe, the Toronto Freemasons and the members of The General Mercer Lodge, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons No. 548 G.R.C., would like to welcome you to our website. As Toronto Masons, we hope that you will find the information contained herein informative, educational and inspiring. We will be constantly updating its content, so please come back and see us again.

If you are a Mason in good standing we invite you to join us at our Regular meeting on the Second Friday of the Month or our Emergent meeting on the Fourth Monday, January-December (except July and August), at the West Toronto Masonic Temple on Annette Street in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto.

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Freemasonry...what is it?

A Free Mason Form'd out of the Materials of His Lodge, 1754 Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Although the exact origins of Freemasonry are the subject of debate, minutes and records of Masonic lodges exist from the 16th and 17th centuries and we know that the first Grand Lodge, the Premier Grand Lodge of England, was formed in 1717. However, many Masons speculate that the teachings of Freemasonry have existed from time immemorial, meaning time extending beyond the reach of memory or record.

Freemasonry and its members share a common goal of helping each other become better men. Freemasonry's body of knowledge and system of ethics is based on the belief that each man has a responsibility to improve himself while being devoted to his family, faith, country, and fraternity.

Freemasonry...brotherly love, relief and truth.

Freemasonry...brotherly love, relief and truthWe’re united by three ancient and fundamental principles—brotherly love, relief (or charity) and truth—that are made relevant to the 21st century through the personal development, good works and social connections available to our members in over 550 lodges across Ontario.

Freemasonry...making a difference.

Andersen's Constitutions, 1723Freemasonry offers much to its members—the opportunity to grow, the chance to make a difference and the means to build a better world for our children. It offers the chance to socialize and work with men who have the same values and ideals.

We strengthen and improve our character by learning and practicing basic virtues of fraternal love, charity, and truth. Our principles extend far beyond our interactions with each other, and we strive to apply them to our daily lives. steps.

Initiation of an apprentice Freemason around 1800. Freemasonry's roots go back centuries and its members are diverse: high profile leaders, physicians, construction workers, farmers…and maybe you.

It's easy to learn about Freemasonry - starting with the pages of this website. Need more details? Looking for a Mason in your community to share his personal perspective? Send us an email.

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